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Author Erin Rhew’s most recent book release—THE TRANS HUMAN PROJECT. This book is available now! Check it out on Erin’s own site.

Cover Art and Design provided by Race-Point.com, visual designer Anita B. Carroll

“Loved working with Erin on her book project. She gave me free license to design—a graphic designer’s dream! Wishing you a most successful book launch Erin, you are an amazingly talented writer. It was such an honor to work with you.” —Anita C.

AVAILABLE NOW—Just completed, cover redesign project for Award-Winning Jennifer Chase’s Emily Stone Thriller 6 book series.

Cover Art and Design provided by Race-Point.com, visual designer Anita B. Carroll

“Jennifer and I worked closely together forming a concept that would have a strong female presence but also at the same time would give clues to the location where the crime took place and also significant events. E.g. book 3 has photography from Hawaii where the story originates from, in book 4 there’s a significant fire that takes place. For me it was also important that her author brand remained consistent throughout all six books and that each book was easily identified as a Emily Stone Thriller book.” —Anita C.

Discover all of Jennifer Chase’s books.

Just added—NEW release for Heather Balog’s Amy Maxwell series, The 4 Dilemmas

NEW COVER DESIGNS – Just completed these three SCIFI cover designs for Deek Rhew’s new Osiris series. Book one and two are now available to purchase!

Acura of Portsmouth, NH—New Business Card Design. Browse through here to see all card samples that was presented to the dealership and find out which one they picked.

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2018/2019/2020: Photography, Business Cards, Artwork and Social Media Info Graphics for Meraki Volleyball, NH

The above image was part of their 2019 Happy New Year package.  Browse through here to view all works I had the pleasure creating for Meraki.

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2017—FIRST PLACE Recipient
Writers Guild Blue Ribbon Book Cover Awards.

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“Thank you Author Darlene Jones for submitting my cover art design. It was a fantastic surprise!” —Anita Carroll

2015—The Book Designer GOLD STAR Winner


“Mr. Godwin you made my day with this surprise.  I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to work with you on your cover creations.” —Anita Carroll


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