Product Photography


I created this gallery for your team to help you gain a better understanding of my product photography background. Please note, this is just a very small sampling and none of these were shot in a photo box but a make shift set-up. For your items, I will have a much more professional set-up to help elevate the presentation. I do prefer using a a clean white background, preferably glossy, as this help the item stand out and not compete or get lost in the midst of things. I always ensure color and product description accuracy. Having a background in on-line retail, I understand the importance of providing our clients with the outmost customer service and it is my belief that this begins at the very first glance of the product photography. Every item listed below (excluding the glass heart and Coach Satchel as these were removed from the market) were sold within a very short time frame of being listed. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.


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