What every writer should know – Book Covers: 12 Do’s and Don’ts

I was a guest blogger on Anneli’s Place, and shared some great tips for authors.

12 things every author should know when working with a book cover designer

Release date November 2013 - “Kelly and the Angel” by Author Kelly Ilebode.
Release date November 2013 – “Kelly and the Angel” by Author Kelly Ilebode.

Book Cover Designs by Anita B. Carroll, anita@race-point.com

So come on over to Anneli’s Place and check it out!


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Anita B. Carroll is a visual design consultant and founder of Race-Point.com, supporting authors with all their business brand identity design needs, and offering a FRESH take on book cover design.  Anita has over 17 years of experience within the visual design field, starting out managing creative initiatives for Fortune 500 Businesses in Silicon Valley, California.  She is specialized in Heuristic Evaluation, User Interface and Experience Design with focus on online usability testing, a valuable skill when designing book covers for the rapidly growing digital market.  Anita is also an avid reader. Discovering book cover design has provided the opportunity to combine her works in photography and graphic design skills.  In her free time, you might spot her at one of the U. S. Cape beaches, biking the National Sea Shore trails, or photographing the gorgeous coastline and capturing everlasting moments with her beach portrait photography services.

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