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More FUN news!

THIS IS SARAH by Ally Malienko is NOW available!

THIS IS SARAH serves as a meditation on loss, love and what it means to say goodbye.


Book Cover Design and Photography by Anita B. Carroll,


We designers are the guys behind the scenes, and it is truly special when I receive a mention.  Love her!  Thank you Ally!!!

Photography & Book Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll—
Photography & Book Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll—

Designing this cover was one of those rare instances where I knew instinctively, what to do for the design BEFORE reading the book. When this happens, I am usually quite nervous once I do read it, just the thought of the possibility that the imagery doesn’t translates well — Oh the horror! LOL Luckily, I didn’t have to worry.  Seriously, how UNREAL is this:

Excerpt from THIS IS SARAH:

“They found her red Chuck Taylor sneakers five miles from where her car was, deep in the woods.

One was unlaced, as if she had undone it and slipped her foot out of it right there under that canopy of trees.

The other was still tied.

Snow filled them like little red candies covered in sugar.

In the police station, in that evidence bag, they seemed so small, as the snow slowly melted off them, staining the fabric and dripping into the bottom of the bag. I couldn’t imagine them fitting Sarah’s feet. I couldn’t imagine them fitting my own.

Sarah’s empty shoes.

I thought about how they’d never be worn again. How she would never slide her foot inside, how her fingers would never tug those laces and loop them closed.

Her room back home was filled with things that would go unused. They’d just sit there, waiting for Sarah to come home, collecting dust.

All the things Sarah left behind.

When I saw the shoes, sitting in the police station, a noise escaped me. Not quite a sob, but a cry—a shock of disbelief—and my hope retreated as I realized I was now one of those things. Like her clothes, her jewelry, her records or her shoes.

I was just another thing Sarah left behind.”

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Live, love life,


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