Robert A.V. Jacobs

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A political thriller.

Custom Book Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll,
Custom Book Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll,

About this book

When the body of the Home Secretary’s son is found in an alleyway where he had been battered to death, Larry Dexxman a seventy five year old private detective is thrown into the middle of a political minefield that could easily cost him his life.

His only protection is Sally, a tiny shih-tsu/Yorkshire terrier cross, Penny his twenty four year old assistant and his own combat experience of fifty years in the past.

When it becomes apparent that MI6, the CIA and the NSA are involved, Larry must protect those around him while, at the same time, keeping his promise to the murdered boy’s girl friend that he would find out who was responsible and see that they were brought to justice.

A little note from me …

This British author spends his time writing in England and Spain,  an author of 14 published books, and Jacob’s latest, a political thriller “Dexxman” is an entire departure from his previous genre.   Having served  14 years in the Royal Air Force, and have since then worked in various fields within the prison correction facility, computer technology, and fundholding management.

It was such a pleasure working with Mr. Jacobs on his cover design needs.  Such a sweet older gentleman, he kept apologizing for the adult content.  I’m thinking he might have been a little embarrassed 😉  (Reading the first few chapters are always a requirement of mine when designing book covers.)

This book is x rated, suitable for readers, men and women, over 18.

Happy reading!

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