Stock Photos for your Book Cover Designs

I just added a new section to my website


Stock photos include: (But not limited to.  I have a HUGE stock photo inventory that will take me months to plow through, if you are looking for something specific but can’t find it here, email me—

People ~ Beach ~ Sailboats ~ Water ~ Lake ~ Coastal ~ Nature ~ Trees ~ Forest ~ Mountains ~ Places ~ Buildings ~ Churches ~ Cathedrals ~ Abstract ~ Objects

Photos are scenes from the US National Seashore—Cape Cod and Norway.

~I am now booking for custom photography for your book cover project. ~

Once the warmer summer temps sets in, the cape cod beach portrait sessions will start-up again.  See my portrait works.

I also offer digital image manipulation and cover design services to help you achieve a custom look for your cover, at an additional fee.

I will be adding photos to the gallery regularly.

All photography by ©Anita B. Carroll 1980-2014.

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