COVER REVEAL: The Manor at Echo Lake Trilogy by author Kelly Ilebode

I am so thrilled to share this trilogy cover re-design reveal!

Before and after pics are posted, and I would love to hear what you think of the transformation.

Kelly Ilebode’s THE MANOR AT ECHO LAKE trilogy have intriguing religious references with a refreshing take on the super natural embodied with mystique, suspense, romance, passion, sadness and true love. … This book series brought tears to my eyes, and I loved it.

Designing these covers was so much fun, but at the same time also a little unnerving since the direction I chose was SO different from what these books looked like before.  I enjoy designing covers that have a symbolic reference quite a bit, compared to the typical hot steamy lovers gracing the front.  The Manor at Echo Lake trilogy, has so much more to offer and I felt strongly about bringing these elements to the forefront.  I was quite relieved when Kelly responded so well to my proposal, and towards the end it was she that was pushing me forward to make sure I stuck with my original concept.  LOL  🙂

See the full cover wraps

Pictures of the covers before the re-design:

The Manor at Echo Lake Trilogy by Author Kelly Ilebode. Cover Design: Jimmy Thomas
The Manor at Echo Lake Trilogy by Author Kelly Ilebode.
Cover Design: Jimmy Thomas

Here is the book trailer  for book ONE “Dragan’s Redemption.  You can also add ALL THREE books to your kindle reader or get the paperbacks today!

Book synopsis:
The Manor at Echo Lake trilogy is about 26-year old Amira who has spent her life battling a serious but manageable blood disorder. When her doctor told her that somehow an anomaly had manifested within her cells and that she was going to die, she decided that it was time to start living. Selling everything she owned, she jumped at the opportunity to rent the storybook cottage on Echo Lake in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Instantly attracted to the handsome doctor that owned the property she worked hard to break down his barriers in hopes to experience love before it was too late.

Dragan Reynolds, a well-respected doctor at Brigham & Woman’s Hospital in Boston had desperately spent more than half of those years trying to save his soul from the fires of hell. Discovering his twin brother Aaron had rented out the cottage on his property without his permission, he wanted nothing more than for the tenant to be gone – until he met her. From the moment of their first meeting, Dragan was mesmerized by her carefree spirit and lust for life. Eventually learning of her illness, Dragan realized that he was the only person on earth that could save her from death but would he have the faith and courage to sacrifice everything, including his own life, for the one he loved the most.

Add it to your Kindle or get the paperback:

Creating these three covers was so much fun! Thank you for going the not so conventional route and for placing your trust in me Kelly Ilebode—You are awesome.💗

So what do you guys think?   


©2014 Anita B. Carroll Designs

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