Cover Reveal—Between Before and After

BETWEEN BEFORE AND AFTER by Amanda Dick – Author

Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll—

Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll at

Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll at

Five Friends. Three Days. One Heart—Stopping discovery.

Learn more about this emotional, wonderfully written story about the aftermath of loosing someone close who chose to end their life’s journey, over at: Get your tissue box ready …

Amazon readers say:
“Every once in a while, you come upon a book that is a treasure. It takes you beyond the fictional journeys the characters take; it changes the way you look at life. Between Before and After does just that. It is a heartbreaking, beautiful book that will alter the way you look at relationships, depression, suicide, and grief.”

“Amanda handled a very difficult subject with grace and understanding. This is one of those books I love because there aren’t many out there like it, and it’s the perfect book when you’re in need some something original and darn good!”

… and more:

Cover Design: Anita B. Carroll


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Book Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll,


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2 Replies to “Cover Reveal—Between Before and After”

  1. This is just so beautiful – I can’t stop looking at it! Thank you so much, once again – it’s been quite a journey and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it 🙂

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