Cover Reveal—Absolution

ABSOLUTION by Amanda Dick – Author

Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll—


Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll
Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll
Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll
Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll

 I am SO excited to share this reveal today—A truly amazingly emotional story of healing, forgiveness, and learning to moving on. THIS is ABSOLUTION by Amanda Dick – Author…You know those books that you still think about? The one that still resonates and you just can’t get out of your thoughts? THIS is one of those books. With her writing Amanda was able to pull on my heartstrings. I did not have a single dry eye from page one to the last one. If I were to compare this book to anything, it would have to be to Nicholas Sparks. The Notebook is one of my favorites and NOW so is ABSOLUTION. LOVED. IT. Thank you Ms. Amanda for this opportunity. I am truly honored for the opportunity to design this for you.

Learn more about this wonderfully written story about wanting to let go: Get your tissue box ready …

This is a re-release and is available for pre-order.  Release date is set for January 7, 2015

GoodRead readers say:
Wow. This book was emotional, my heart bled for Jack. I wanted nothing more than to reach out, hold him and comfort him. He truly wallowed in the depths of despair.

As for Ally she was amazing, never fragile but rather strong even though she succumbed to a weak moment. The love that she and Jack shared was never lost, love like theirs is never lost, its enduring love and thats what made the story beautiful.

Forgivness is a powerful thing, and so is love. With love and forgivness nothing is ever impossible.”

Hands down, this is one the best books I have read…..EVER!!! It is absolutely BRILLIANT. There are not nearly enough stars to adequately rate this. It’s overwhelming how much I truly love love love this book!

This book made me feel……. everything. It weighed heavily on my heart. It’s full of loss, pain, and regret. My heart broke for everyone involved. The pain was present right from the very beginning. I could feel the hurt and feelings of resentment and regret that have been harbored for years. I certainly cried on more than one occasion. But underneath all of the pain, also lies a story of healing, forgiveness, and learning to moving on.”

… and more:




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Book Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll,


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