Cover Reveal—Echoes Beyond

ECHOES BEYOND by Patsy Greenway, co-authored by Christine Saunders

Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll—

Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll
Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll

 Book blurb:

Two sisters will take you on an unforgettable, unpredictable journey as they share memories of growing up in southwest Virginia. Amongst twelve other siblings and living in poverty, one family’s courage and resolve far exceeded the hardships of everyday life. Their pain, fear, joy, and love will draw you close to the page. You’ll become acquainted with the source of their strength and the one woman who inspired each of them to survive life on Black Top Mountain.

Amazon readers say:
“A wonderful story told in fragments…little moments that helped shape an entire family into what it is today. I laughed. I cried. Spoiler alert…mules and sleds to NOT get along very well. Overall the book reminded me that with the strength of family, and God’s grace, anything is possible.”

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Book Cover Design by Anita B. Carroll,


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